Let the Debate Begin!

Posted: September 7, 2010 by Davey Jacobson in BCS, Ducky D, Football, NCAA
First off, I have to take my hat off to both Boise State and Virginia Tech last night for playing one hell of an incredible game! Talk about taking it right down to the wire! With 1:47 to go in the 4th quarter and no time outs, Boise State, lead by QB Kellen Moore, marched 56 yards down-field to take a 3-point lead over Virginia Tech and win this opening week matchup! On a 13-yard pass to Austin Pettis, the Broncos sealed their victory over the preseason #10-ranked Hokies.

While this blog post is only one of thousands to be posted on this Boise State victory, the question remains: Is Boise State worthy of being considered a possible contender for the National Championship? This author feels the answer is simply, HELLYEAH! No one, and I mean NO ONE, can deny the talent that exists in the town of Boise, Idaho. Aside from the 8 conference championships they have won in the last 10 years, they also have 6 bowl victories–most notably, their 2007 Fiesta Bowl victory against Oklahoma, a program that needs no introduction.

The one thing that is, undoubtedly, holding Boise State back from being considered solid contenders for the National Championship is their 2010 schedule. A quick glance at their schedule only reveals one potential team that the Broncos need to worry about: Oregon State. In all other match-ups, the Broncos are the easy favorite and should have no problem getting the “W” in each game.

So now I ask you, the readers, for your thoughts: Does Boise State deserve a shot at the title? Is the strength of their schedule too much of a factor in saying, “No,” to Boise State being in the championship game? What do you think?
  1. It’s a very interesting question. Don’t get me wrong, I do like Boise State and they do have undeniable talent. They are 4-1 vs. Top 10 AP schools. However, let’s take a look at a similar situation:
    Here’s the gamecast record of Jan 1, 2008. Yes the SugarBowl with the undefeated Hawaii vs. SEC Powerhouse Georga Bulldogs. I remember watching the game, it was painful for Hawaii. 41-10, not even close. I’m not saying Boise will repeat history, but if they get a shot, they’ll need to mop up Oregon St in a few weeks and everyone else on their schedule!

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