Does Reggie Bush deserve to lose the Heisman?

Posted: September 8, 2010 by Rich Powers in Big Dick, Football, NCAA, Rants

The Good ‘Ole Days . . . No More
Remember that time period, from 2003-2005, when we saw USC’s dominance? Names like Leinart, Bush, White and Jarrett were heard every Saturday of every Fall?  The amazing highlight reels that ESPN would air were the norm every week? Seems like those days are far behind us.

Reggie Bush, perhaps the most widely-recognized of names from USC’s dominance during those years, has also been the center of such conflict and heartache for his alma mater that it is no surprise why many are looking to him as the scapegoat for everything that is going wrong for the Trojan football team.

After much speculation that Bush was taking money and other gifts during his time at the University of Southern California, the NCAA conducted an investigation and discovered that Bush was ineligible because of such actions. As a result, USC now has to serve the following sanctions: 4 years probation, vacating the 2004 national championship title as well as all wins from the 2005 season. In addition, the Trojans are now banned from bowl games for the next 2 years and will lose 30 scholarships over the next 3 years–pretty severe penalties for one guy who accepted gifts from one Lloyd Lake, sports agent.

Perhaps the harshest of decisions came from USC to Reggie Bush: the removal of his Heisman trophy from the campus and removing his name from all Trojan record books. The harshest of these decisions, I feel, are those that affect Bush’s former USC teammates (two of whom are personal friends of mine): removing the 2004 and 2005 teams from the Trojan football record books. New Athletic Director, Pat Haden, made it clear that he was trying to clean up the program and do “damage control” since the university had suffered quite a bit.

Then, on September 6, news broke that the Heisman Trust was prepared to take away Bush’s actual Heisman Trophy–the one that he owns. Being that the Heisman Trust and USC are two different entities, each have the right to decide what to do with objects they own and/or distribute. The Heisman Trust were balking at first to take the trophy away after USC decided to so, citing that it was USC’s right to do whatever they wanted to with the trophy, and it had nothing to do in deciding if the Trust was going to take Bush’s actual trophy away.

While there have been reports stating that Heisman Trust representatives deny ever saying they were going to take away the trophy, and that it was a false report, it is my opinion that they are simply stalling on having to decide the inevitable.

You want to know what I think?
I feel that he should lose the Heisman trophy. Most people, like myself, say that he was amazing on the field and does deserve it; but the simple fact is he cheated and broke the NCAA’s rules. Being an amateur athlete, one should know how strict the rules are with the NCAA as well as know the consequences that may come if they violate those rules. Granted, the NCAA is harsh with its rules most of the time, they still have their standard on what they feel a student athlete is…even though it may be outdated. The rules that are in place you have to follow. I am not going to be naive and say that other schools are perfect in following the rules, it’s just a matter of who gets caught. All sports fans out there (especially our fellow moronz) aren’t naive to the idea that some of these athletes are receiving money and gifts on the side.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he received gifts when he was recruited that continued on well into his stay at USC. If he in fact did, that’s another reason why he should return the trophy. It was these gifts that enticed him to go to USC (along with other great recruits) and be the top team in the country. It was also these gifts that brought him to play with the best athletes in the country which, therefore, allowed him the opportunity to accomplish all that he did on the field. I will admit, though, it was him out there making those exciting plays; he was pivotal to those teams and their success; and he probably was the most important offensive player they had at the time.

People can say that these kids wanted to go to beautiful Southern California, but I find it strange that one school was able to get so many 5-star recruits year-in and year-out, and do so at a fast pace.

Pete Carroll came under investigation but left to the NFL before the heat really got to him. Honestly, just do a Google search on USC recruiting violations or practices and you’ll definitely find a lot of stories.

People are probably thinking that I’m crazy for saying this but it’s my opinion and it’s looking like it’s going to happen anyways! Reggie Bush doesn’t deserve to keep his Heisman, especially when the entire 2004 and 2005 teams were punished. How is it fair that he gets to remain in the NCAA record books, yet all of teammates are removed because of a mistake that he made?

In the end, people who were alive during that time period will remember what USC did. That will never be forgotten regardless of what happens in the record books. Reggie Bush was one of the most electrifying players ever to play college football; he just messed up, and tarnished his legacy along with that of USC Trojan Football.

LOL…then again, I’m a hater, and don’t like USC. I’m glad they got everything that came in the end :-P!



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