No Shining Stars On Saturday

Posted: September 10, 2010 by Gutti in Football, Gutti, NCAA

For the past four years there have only been a handful of players who would draw an audience just to see them play every Saturday. Colt McCoy, Sam Bradford, Tim Tebow, Jimmy Clausen and Charlie Weis are the last group of college football headliners. With all of them gone to the NFL, who will emerge as the next stand out of college football and how long will we have to wait?

There are plenty of worthy candidates who could be crowned the next college football superstar but will they truly reach that elite level of their predecessors? Mark Ingram will be splitting more time with Trent Richardson this year and with a knee injury–that will keep him out of at least two games–his number of carries will be down from last year’s Heisman season. McElory isn’t the best player on offense so he is out. Brantley, Jones and Gilbert all struggled in their opening games but they are still on the watch list because of the massive amount of talent that surrounds them. Crist and Kelly played solid Irish football against Purdue but the Irish have a long season ahead of them.

Matt Barkley on a sanctioned USC Trojans football team is always a threat, especially since many of his fellow teammates decided to stay with him. If the Trojans can go undefeated under NCAA sanctions, it will quiet all the critics and catapult Brarkley to superstar status.

Jake Locker is without a doubt one of the best quarterbacks in college football and will play on Sunday next year, but he is on a sub-par Washington team that just isn’t quite there yet.  Locker makes Washington a long shot for this year’s Pac-10 title and hopes to reach the Rose Bowl; but in reality, I don’t think it is going to happen for him. Sorry Jake.

Nick Foles is starting to turn some heads at Arizona but let us see if the Wildcats don’t fall apart under the pressure.

It is all set up to be Terrelle Pryor’s year to lead his Ohio State Buckeyes to the national championship and bring credibility back to the Big-10 and silence the critics. Pryor capped off a great sophomore season with a very impressive win over, Pac-10 champs, Oregon with Jeremiah Masoli.  Once again Ohio State is favored to win the National Title and Pryor will lead them there.  We have seen Pryor struggle in the past but many people see those two years as growing pains. He is no longer an 18-year old boy fresh out of high school thrown into the spotlight. He is now a seasoned vet ready to take control.

Andrew Luck and the Stanford Cardinal are determined to turn some heads and let people know that Stanford is still here even though Toby Gerhart is gone.  Stanford returns two starting receivers and all but 1 of their offensive line.  Their defense needed to replace more people but upperclassman will step into those rolls. Luck and Stanford are determined to win the Pac-10 and be in the national title talks.

Kellen Moore of Boise State is into his junior year and his third season as quarterback for the Broncos, having sustained only 1 loss during his career at Boise State.  He may not play in the Pac-10 or the Big-12, but he still can beat all those teams. After beating Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl, then-starting quarterback, Jared Zabransky, left for the NFL (but now plays in the CFL) and Kellen Moore stepped in and continued the success for the Broncos. If Boise State can run the table with style, then it is very possible they can get into the BCS National Title game. It will be a difficult road but you can’t sleep on Kellen Moore.

Who will be the next College Football Super Star? You tell us!


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