Most Hated Athletes in Sports

Posted: September 17, 2010 by Rich Powers in Big Dick, Rants

Anyone catch that article a couple of days ago on the most hated athletes in sports? I actually looked down the list and thought it did justice. The list was conducted by Q Scores Inc.

Here’s some of the top hated athletes.

1. Michael Vick

2. Tiger Woods

3. Terrell Owens

4. Chad Ochocinco

5. Kobe Bryant

6. Lebron James

This is the actual order of the list that Q Scores Inc. put together.

The only thing I thought when examining this list is that Tiger Woods and Michael Vick could possibly be switched.

I know that Michael Vick had the whole spill with dog fighting (and did time in prison for it), but I felt that Tiger Woods would be the most hated because of all of his recent activity. Having such a high public status and cheating on his wife with all those different women would definitely cause him to public enemy #1.

Regardless, they both have done things that the public disapproves of and frowns upon.

Another one that I thought would be higher is LeBron James. It surprises me that Kobe is still above LeBron even though he’s been widely hated by many for years.

In a matter of seconds, LeBron James went from fan favorite to probably THE most hated player in the NBA, after he had his “decision” announcement on ESPN back in July. It also didn’t help that he went to Miami along with his buddies, the other top free agents this off season, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh.  People thought he could lead a team to a championship himself but yet he opted out to join other players and try to win.

I’d like to know what your guys list is. Here is my list consisting of picks off Q Scores Inc. These guys are, in my book (and many others I’m sure) the most hated.

Richie’s Most Hated List

1. Tiger Woods

2. LeBron James

3 Kobe Bryant

4 Terrell Owens

5 Chad Ocho Cinco

6. Michael Vick



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