The Moronz’ First Heisman Ballot

Posted: October 6, 2010 by The Sports Moronz in Big Dick, Ciotta, Ducky D, Football, Gutti, NCAA

Heisman Trophy
Being that it has gone far enough into the season, you know it’s time to start picking Heisman Candidates! There were 10 of us in this first ballot. Ranking is based on 25 points for 1st place with a decrease of 5 points for each spot with a 5th place vote worth 5 points.

Denard Robinson Name: Denard Robinson
Position: Quarterback
School: Michigan
Pass Yards: 1008
Pass TDs: 7
INTs: 1
Rushing Yards: 905
Rushing TDs: 8
Rank: #1 [235pts]
Terrell Pryor Name: Terrell Pryor
Position: Quarterback
School: Ohio State
Pass Yards: 1015
Pass TDs: 12
INTs: 3
Rushing Yards: 373
Rushing TDs: 3
Rank: #2 [130pts]
LaMichael James Name: LaMichael James
Position: Running Back
School: Oregon
Rushing Yards: 712
Rushing TDs: 7
Rank: #3 [120pts]
Kellen Moore Name: Kellen Moore
Position: Quarterback
School: Boise State
Pass Yards: 1069
Pass TDs: 11
INTs: 1
Rank: #4 [110pts]
Mark Ingram Name: Mark Ingram
Position: Running Back
School: Alabama
Rushing Yards: 355
Rushing TDs: 6
Rank: #5 [85pts]
Cameron Newton Name: Cameron Newton
Position: Quarterback
School: Auburn
Pass Yards: 928
Pass TDs: 12
INTs: 4
Rushing Yards: 474
Rushing TDs: 5
Rank: #6 [25pts]
Andrew Luck Name: Andrew Luck
Position: Quarterback
School: Stanford
Pass Yards: 1253
Pass TDs: 13
INTs: 4
Rushing Yards: 202
Rushing TDs: 2
Rank: #7 [20pts]
Daniel Thomas Name: Daniel Thomas
Position: Running Back
School: Kansas State
Rushing Yards: 628
Rushing TDs: 6
Rank: #8 [15pts]
Akeem Ayers Name: Akeem Ayers
Position: Linebacker
School: UCLA
Tackles: 33
Tackles for Loss: 6.5
Sacks: 3
INTs: 2
Forced Fumbles: 2
Fumble Recoveries: 2
Rank: #9 [5pts]
Colin Kaepernick Name: Colin Kaepernick
Position: Quarterback
School: Nevada
Pass Yards: 1048
Pass TDs: 7
INTs: 2
Rushing Yards: 548
Rushing TDs: 9
Rank: #10
  1. Ducky D says:

    Cross-posted from Facebook user, B. Hamilton:

    Not saying that he won’t eventually be there but to early to have ingram that high. If your going have denard robinson who hasn’t played anybody number 1 then id say that you must also rank colin kaepernick much higher. Other suggestions being andrew luck way to low and daniel thomas as well.

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