Moss Returning Home to Minnesota

Posted: October 7, 2010 by Rich Powers in AFC, Big Dick, NFC, NFL

Possibly the biggest trade of the season happened on the morning of October 6th.

New England Patriots veteran WR Randy Moss was traded back to the team he started his career with–the Minnesota Vikings–for a 3rd round draft pick.

People will probably look at this and say, “Why would the Patriots only want to receive a 3rd round pick for the veteran future Hall of Famer?”

The New England Patriots are known to make moves like this: getting draft picks by dumping veteran players. Remember the situation with Richard Seymour last year? He was complaining about wanting a new contract and the Patriots management didn’t budge. They simply traded him away to a willing team, the Oakland Raiders, for draft picks in return.

The Patriots organization doesn’t respond to players on their team that make demands and want contract extensions. They simply cut ties with that player and avoid having the headache, usually continuing to win games. Moss in the end was no different than any other player; he was expendable.

So which team got the better deal with this trade?

On paper, you would have to say the Vikings because they already have a Super Bowl caliber team. They’ve been banged up with some injuries recently, the biggest one being deep threat WR, Sidney Rice. It made sense for the Vikings to go after a player like Moss to replace that deep threat; but once Rice returns, the Vikings will probably have the best offensive personnel: Brett Favre at QB; Adrian Peterson at RB; Sidney Rice, Randy Moss, and Percy Harvin as the WR’s; Vishante Shancoe at TE; and perhaps one of the best offensive lines in all of football.

Lets look at the other side. I believe the Patriots win in this situation as well. The Patriots are doing what they do best: stockpiling draft picks and building their team through the NFL draft. The Patriots did well with Randy Moss yet never won a Super Bowl with him. Judging by this move I would say that they are going back to their roots under Bill Bellicheck: ball control offense with Tom Brady throwing the ball around the field to different receivers. This also helps them with their young defense that’s having trouble. It would keep them off the field via their control of the possession time.

Some people tend to forget that this is the brand of football that won the Patriots 3 super bowls in 4 years and almost took them to another one in 2006. Bill Bellicheck and the management knew what they were doing when getting rid of Randy Moss and other veterans during these last couple years.

They’re building a younger team and putting talent around Brady; talent of whom they feel will ultimately be successful. When the Patriots won those Super Bowls, they didn’t have a star studded receiving core. Names like Deion Branch, Troy Brown, David Givens and David Patten weren’t pro bowl receivers but good route runners that fit New England’s offense to a “T.” This is what their organization envisions when they look at the young core of receivers they currently have. Brady, like Manning, make mediocre receivers look like pro bowlers.

Final Conclusion is that both teams won with this trade. The Vikings received the deep threat that they have been missing so far this season because of injuries, and the Patriots got the draft pick they wanted and can transition back to the style of football that won them 3 Super Bowl Championships.

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