Second Heisman Ballot

Posted: October 15, 2010 by The Sports Moronz in Big Dick, Ciotta, Ducky D, Football, Gutti, NCAA

Heisman Trophy
Watch it go! Week #7! Just like last week, ranking is based on 25 points for first place with a decrease of 5 points for each spot with a fifth place vote worth 5 points. On Twitter – @SportsMoronz.

Terrell Pryor Name: Terrell Pryor
Position: Quarterback
School: Ohio State
Pass Yards: 1349
Pass TDs: 15
INTs: 3
Rushing Yards: 354
Rushing TDs: 3
Rank: #1 [210pts]
LaMichael James Name: LaMichael James
Position: Running Back
School: Oregon
Rushing Yards: 848
Rushing TDs: 9
Rank: #2 [160pts]
Kellen Moore Name: Kellen Moore
Position: Quarterback
School: Boise State
Pass Yards: 1336
Pass TDs: 14
INTs: 1
Rank: #3 [110pts]
Cameron Newton Name: Cameron Newton
Position: Quarterback
School: Auburn
Pass Yards: 1138
Pass TDs: 12
INTs: 5
Rushing Yards: 672
Rushing TDs: 9
Rank: #4 [105pts]
Denard Robinson Name: Denard Robinson
Position: Quarterback
School: Michigan
Pass Yards: 1223
Pass TDs: 8
INTs: 4
Rushing Yards: 991
Rushing TDs: 9
Rank: #5 [95pts]
Andrew Luck Name: Andrew Luck
Position: Quarterback
School: Stanford
Pass Yards: 1538
Pass TDs: 16
INTs: 4
Rushing Yards: 242
Rushing TDs: 2
Rank: T-#6 [25pts]
Name: Taylor Martinez
Position: Quarterback
School: Nebraska
Pass Yards: 660
Pass TDs: 3
INTs: 3
Rushing Yards: 737
Rushing TDs: 12
Rank: T-#6 [25pts]
Mark Ingram Name: Mark Ingram
Position: Running Back
School: Alabama
Rushing Yards: 396
Rushing TDs: 6
Rank: #8 [15pts]
Colin Kaepernick Name: Colin Kaepernick
Position: Quarterback
School: Nevada
Pass Yards: 1321
Pass TDs: 8
INTs: 3
Rushing Yards: 639
Rushing TDs: 11
Rank: #9 [10pts]

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