Aside from myself and Jesse Palmer, doesn’t anyone remember last season?

Posted: November 9, 2010 by Davey Jacobson in BCS, Ducky D, Football, NCAA, Rants

It seems as if everyone has forgotten about what went down in Glendale at the Fiesta Bowl back in January. No one wants to remember that this TCU team, except for 1 guy, is the same team that was BEAT by Boise State last year in the Fiesta Bowl! This year’s Boise State team has 21 returning starters on its roster from last year; they are still better than TCU! You can throw strength of schedule out of the window because, granted, while Boise State’s schedule isn’t the strongest, they have clearly beat every team they’ve faced with serious style-points: they’ve blown everyone out!

So why is everyone choosing to jump on the TCU bandwagon when Boise State has consistently proven their self-worth year-in and year-out? This is the same Boise State team that beat the same TCU team in last year’s fiesta bowl, and they’ve also beat Oregon 2 out of the 2 times they have faced them! Why they’re not being given more respect is beyond me. But hey, don’t take my word for it. ESPN’s Jesse Palmer does a better job explaining it than I do.

Jesse Palmer Explains Why Boise State Gets No Respect.


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