About the Moronz

So you’re probably wondering, “Who the hell are these guys?” Well, we’re 3 guys who follow sports religiously and people just don’t understand why . . . but other moronz do! We’re here to do one thing: show the sporting world that we know more than the experts . . . or should we say, more than the experts are willing to discuss?

Time and time again, we’ve noticed that too many facts (as well as other crucial headlines) get overlooked and/or aren’t necessarily discussed on the major networks that cover sports. So we decided to start this blog because no one else has. Sure, other blogs may attempt to cover those same overlooked facts and headlines, and sure, some may do a better job than others, but we promise you one thing: you will be MUCH MORE INFORMED after reading our blog than you would be after watching, or reading, some other publication.

So get ready sports world! The Moronz have arrived!

Big Dick

Ducky D