Big Dick

Big Dick

Man, where do I start? Sports is basically my life support. Without sports, I would probably be dead. In all honesty, where would we be without sports, period? Sports is something that makes the world go around; gives us a reason to act like fanatics (longer version of “fan”); and it also allows us to have something to be hopeful about!

As for me, I was born and raised in Southern California, and have roots to Ohio since my Pops is from Cleveland. Ohio is my second home and where I attended college at THE Ohio State University, from 2006-2009. I am a proud buckeye and bleed scarlet and gray! I have been a fan of Ohio State since the age of 7 when my grandmother used to send me all kinds of Buckeye paraphernalia. Eddie George, Troy Smith and Mike Doss are my favorite Buckeyes or all-time. Out of all my teams that I like in all sports, Ohio State Football is what I am most passionate about. Here are my other teams:

Jacksonville Jaguars
Philadelphia Eagles

I really dont have any teams. Fan of players

Cleveland Indians
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim


Ohio State
North Carolina


I’m also a fan of boxing and MMA (UFC mainly). Boxing really needs to make comeback because MMA is increasingly getting my attention. It is truly sad when top boxers keep dodging each other. I’m not going to say any names but you guys know exactly who I’m talking about lol.