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Mayweather continues to take shots at Pacman

Posted: September 5, 2010 by Rich Powers in Big Dick, Boxing

And the story continues concerning Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao’s possible future matchup. Mayweather who refuses to talk or ask any questions concerning the fight made a UStream broadcast of him blasting Pacman in every which way on Thursday. After viewing this, I have lost even more respect for Floyd Mayweather. It’s one thing to possibly try and promote a boxing match in the future, but you shouldn’t say racially motivated things to get your point across. At one point in the video, Mayweather was stating that he was, “gonna cook Pacquiao’s yellow ass,” and that he was, “gonna make Pacman cook him sushi and rice.” First off,  Mayweather is a dumbass because last time I checked, sushi comes from Japan, not the Philippines. Learn your history, you moron!!!! But watch the video at your own risk and come to your own conclusions. Honestly, I was reading comments about the video on ESPN and there are some interesting ones. A comment that stood out to me was one individual’s who said, “If Pacman came out and called Mayweather a ‘Fried Chicken eating n—-r’ [(they didnt type the word btw)] he would be blasted and people would be in a uproar.” Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson would come out saying that Pacquiao should be banned from the sport. I agree if this were to have happened. In the end, Mayweather did apologize for his actions but I really do not believe he is sincere. I think it’s just damage control which really doesn’t matter because people have had their own opinions about him long before the video surfaced. Like I said before, this fight needs to happen ASAP!!!!!!