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Why is Boise State so good?

Posted: September 7, 2010 by Rich Powers in BCS, Big Dick, Football, NCAA, Rants, Upsets

“Boise State, why don’t you guys just go away?” “Why do you [Boise State] have to keep winning those big games that you’re not expected to win?”  These are a couple of the questions that some college football fans might be pondering when thinking about the Boise State football team.

I, myself, have been skeptical about Boise State’s success the last 4 years and have even questioned if they would be able to beat good teams in bowl games. They passed that test with their victory over Oklahoma in the 2007 Fiesta Bowl–that was a memorable one.

I questioned if they can beat good teams from other conferences. They passed that test with victories over Oregon in back to back years: 2008 and 2009.

Their most recent success was Monday night’s victory over 10th ranked Virginia Tech in a hard fought game. Granted, they play in a weak conference (WAC), there is still continued success for the last 4 to 5 years in getting to major bowl games and having 10-plus winning seasons, some of those being undefeated seasons.

In the age of the BCS, conferences like the WAC and MWC (otherwise known as the non-BCS conferences) continue to get no respect even though a select few have shined on the national stage in big games. Aside from Boise State in their 2007 Fiesta Bowl victory over Oklahoma, there was Utah in the 2004 Fiesta Bowl, and the 2009 Sugar Bowl when they stomped SEC powerhouse, Alabama.

While there will always be the debate on whether the smaller non-BCS conferences can beat the “big boys”, the one school I can think of from a non-BCS conference that has never backed down from a challenge, and one that has willingly gone and played the big boys, is Fresno State. Their coach, Pat Hill, lets it be known that his team will play any team anytime, anywhere. If you look at their past schedules, it shows games against schools like USC, Wisconsin, Oregon State, Kansas State, Washington, UCLA, and many others. This shows that if a bigger name school gives them a shot, they are going to take it. In my opinion, more schools should be like this and willingly give schools from non-automatic qualifying conferences a chance to prove their worth in the BCS.

Then there’s Boise State, the team that everyone began to love especially after the bowl victory over Oklahoma, winning in dramatic fashion. I have one question about schools like Boise State: Can they go through BCS conferences schedules and deal with the week-in and week-out games that can be difficult? For example, could Boise State go through an SEC schedule and still win games like they’ve been doing in recent years? What about if they were in a conference like the Big East, which is one of the weaker BCS conferences? I say no, they can’t because they’re not used to doing it. It’s also not by choice because that’s the cards they were dealt. It’s not their fault they come from a weak conference. They usually get that one game during the year, usually early in the season, against Virginia Tech or Oregon just to fancy some of the critics who say they can’t play against bigger programs. After they get that one game, they’ll go through their weak conference schedule, beat up on everybody, and end up finishing undefeated which causes a panic. This is where all hell breaks loose, and people begin to ask questions about whether or not they should be able to compete for a national championship since they are undefeated. There’s chaos for the BCS committee and they have to decide if the team is worthy.

For the most part, the BCS committee will not let a team like Boise State play for the National Title even though they are undefeated and even though have had a good showing in past bowl games. I think they should be allowed to play this year if they go undefeated, especially since their preseason ranking is the highest in their program’s history (#3). They came out and performed against a pretty good Virginia Tech team that will probably go on to win the ACC this year and was ranked preseason #10. Boise State is one team that can get up for that one big game on a neutral site anywhere. I really see them being a threat to any team competing for a National Championship, especially if that team had to play them in that big game. They fear no team in the country. I posted on my Facebook account that a fan of a major college football team would be lying if they weren’t scared or nervous to play Boise State on the big stage. I, being an Ohio State fan, think my buckeyes would beat them but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous playing them.

Believe me, I’m not hopping on the Boise State bandwagon of any sort, I just want to see what this team can do in a BCS national championship game. People keep talking about them going on and possibly winning a title the last 3 years. They’ve already played on the big stage and have won. Now let’s see how they would do on THE biggest stage in college football.

I really think they’ve earned the right to play for that title, assuming that they do run the table this year. Give them the opportunity, BCS committee! If they fail, then we know that it was all a crock. They are still a great program but they couldn’t cut it on the biggest stage. This is what everyone will say. But we will never know unless we give them a shot. Most college football fans (like myself) would love to see them get that shot…and then we’ll make our judgment!



Posted: September 2, 2010 by Davey Jacobson in BCS, Ducky D, Football, NCAA, Upsets
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On Day 1 of the college football season, the Utah Utes pulled off one hell of an upset against the Pittsburgh Panthers, beating them 27-24 in OT.

In the ballsiest of moves, Utah Coach Kyle Whittingham called two consecutive timeouts with 0:03 seconds left in the 4th quarter, forcing Pittsburgh kicker, Dan Hutchins, to attempt a field goal 3 times. On Hutchins’ second attempt, had Coach Whittingham chose not to call a timeout, the game would’ve ended with Utah winning 24-21. Luckily for Hutchins, the third time was a charm as his attempt was good and the game was now headed to OT.

Thankfully for Coach Whittingham, he didn’t have to live with the mistake of calling a timeout prior to Hutchins’ missed second field goal attempt for all that long. On the very first play in OT, Utah’s Brian Blechen intercepted a pass intended for Pittsburgh’s Mike Shanahan, which ultimately set up Joe Phillips’ 21-yard field goal.

Now here comes my question to all the readers out there: How greatly do you think this loss will affect Pittsburgh’s BCS opportunities? Utah’s been on the rise for the last few years and really gained notice after they beat Alabama in the 2009 Sugar Bowl, a team who would go on to win the National Title the following year. The only thing I’m bummed about: the fact that Utah’s leaving the Mountain West at the end of the year to head to the Pac-10…ugh, I mean the Pac-12.